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Along with our own range of products we regularly produce a wide veriety of products to specific customer specification, at high volume.  We only use the highest quality materials to enable us to produce high quality products across the board.

We have a 350 hook, newly refurbished powder coating track. 

Bruderer 60 Ton High speed press with Coil Feed and Decade Monitor up to 8000 blows per hour.

British Federal Machines, Resistance Welders – Range 25 KVA – 250 KVA.

Chop Saw – Super Brown 350.

Fast Tapping Machine.

Kingsland CNC Press Brakes.

Multiple HME Coil Feed 70 Ton Presses.

Multi Station Pedestal Drillers.

Rhodes Coil Feed 100 Ton Press.

S&B lighter presses ideally suited to progressing smaller components through multi stage operations.

Vibro-Deburr & Vixen Jet Wash, ideal for finishing components.

A comprehensive assembly department with experienced operators.

Onsite Tool Room, for tool maintenance, reducing impact on production

We also have welding capabilities.

Laser Cutting.

Please contact us with your reqauirements, we are always happy to help.